Aging In Place

Have you heard the term “aging-in-place”? I’ll bet that you have, it’s everywhere these days! The term relates to people who are feeling uncomfortable in their homes because of age or disability. Rather than move away from a home they love, they can remodel to stay and live at ease. Aging in place remodeling has been especially popular in this slow economy. A remodeler does not have to sacrifice style for function, either. These products have many designs with style in mind. Plain or medical looking accessories are a thing of the past, and our specialists can find designs to match your preferred style.

There’s no need to worry if you aren’t sure about what you need – three of our interior designers, Leslie Efraimson, Cathy Pitts, and Jill McGlaughlin, have completed CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist) training. These talented specialists will provide solutions to any aging in place questions! We have summarized some of the easiest and most helpful updates for a home that needs a bit more accessibility.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main areas of discontent for the aging in place specialist. They must consider access, mobility, and ease of use above all else.

Bath tubs can be hard to get in and out of, so a walk in shower is the best idea. The best type of shower to install is a “no curb” or “no threshold” shower, these types of showers have nothing to step over when getting in and out, and a wheelchair can roll in without issue.  Hand-held shower heads, benches and seats are also a great thing to have in the shower, to keep everything comfortable and easy. Another helpful accessory is the “grab bar”. Grab bars are placed on the wall at the entry to the shower, inside of the shower, at the toilet and anywhere else someone may need help getting up.

TIP: We stress that putting too much weight on a towel bar or other bathroom staple can cause a lot of trouble, including holes in your wall (when it rips out) and potential injury. Grab bars are specifically designed and installed to hold weight.

There are also bathroom vanities specifically designed for wheelchair bound people, with a “wheel under” sink area. Changes like this can really take the stress and worry away!

Classic Kitchen & Bath's Showroom Walk-in Shower

Classic Kitchen & Bath’s Showroom Walk-in Shower equipped with a seat and grab bar

In summary, the important changes to be made in the bathroom are:

  • Install a no-step shower
  • Install a seat in the shower
  • Use grab bars (not the towel bar!)
  • Install a “wheel-under” vanity

All Around The House

The bathroom isn’t the only trouble spot for aging in place specialists. There are many more changes to be made throughout the house. An interesting idea for the visually impaired (in any room) is to create color contrast in the design to display changes in the floor, on steps, or the edge of a counter top.

Raised Dishwasher

Raised dishwasher for easier loading and unloading

For the kitchen

  • Raise counter top height for less bending down
    Reef Single Lever Faucet by Danze

    Reef Single Lever Faucet by Danze

  • Raise dishwasher for easy loading and unloading (pictured above)
  • Use roll out trays for easier access
  • Install pull down shelf systems
  • Touch faucets or one handle faucet to lessen stress on wrists (pictured right)


  • Doors that open outward
  • Widening doorways to 36” for wheel chair access
  • Install non-slip flooring
  • Visual indicators
  • Lower switches, outlets, mirrors, etc., so wheelchair bound people can use them!


There are many more options for someone looking to make their house more comfortable as they grow older. If this has been something you have been thinking about, whether it is for yourself, a family member, or friend, the specialists at Classic Kitchen & Bath are ready, willing, and able to help you plan for the future and making that process as easy as possible.

For more information and ideas, call the showroom at 540-437-1990, or visit us at 1930 Deyerle Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA. We’d love to hear from you! Visit our Facebook page!

Made in the USA

Buying USA made products helps the economy, local and small businesses, and America in general. Lately, we’ve had a lot of customers asking about the products we carry that are specifically “made in the USA”. Maybe it’s the upcoming election that’s got people thinking about their local products.

Medallion Cabinetry Display

Classic Kitchen and Bath makes a point to carry American-made products. We can get you whatever you need, whether it is cabinets, counter tops, hardware, or appliances, all made right here in the US of A.


CK&B has recently become a dealer of Waypoint Living Spaces, a cabinet company that proudly manufactures all of their cabinets in the US. They are also very local to us, as they are headquartered in Winchester, VA! Waypoint has a variety cabinet options with different finishes and styles, hardware, and accessories. Their website has some fun, interactive features to help you better figure out your style, too.

A few more cabinet brands manufactured in the US are:

Wellborn Forest Display USA

Counter Tops

Counter tops can come from all around the world, including some exotic locales, especially if it’s a natural stone. It’s a bit more difficult to find USA-made counter tops because of this, but we’ve got them. Cambria creates some of the most beautiful quartz tops for kitchens right here in the US.

Albere Soapstone USAFor an even more local top option, we carry Alberene Soapstone from Albemarble County, Virginia.  According to their website, Alberene Soapstone Company has been harvesting, processing, and fabricating soapstone from their Virginia quarries since 1883. Soapstone is a stunning product that can give any kitchen an elegant and natural look without being showy.

TIP: Soapstone’s color darkens and changes with natural use, but if you’d like to keep it it’s original grey-blue color, try rubbing on standard mineral oil every 2 months. Also use sandpaper to get out scratches!

An exciting and gorgeous counter top brand made in the USA is Vetrazzo. Vetrazzo is a recycled glass surface manufactured near Atlanta, GA. We’ve talked about it before, because we love it, and so do our customers. Every piece from Vetrazzo is a work of art, perfect for adding a pop of sparkle to any space.

Vetrazzo Display Board, made in the USA

Appliances, Hardware, and Lighting

Whirlpool Accubake Oven

Classic Kitchen and Bath has certain brands we go to if a customer requests American-made accessories and smaller items. For high quality appliances, Whirlpool products are proudly made in the USA, like the Single Self Clean Accubake Oven, pictured to the left.

For smaller items, like hardware and lighting, we look to Atlas Homewares and Task Lighting, respectively. For more options, our designers are extremely knowledgeable about other brands that we carry, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.


LEED Certification

For someone looking to earn points towards their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, buying local, American made products is a great answer. Impact the environment and reduce your global footprint by only buying products made in the USA, or, ideally, local to you.

For more information on these products and how we can help you complete a project, please call us at 866-437-1990, visit the showroom at 1930 Deyerle Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA, or ask us a question on our Facebook page!

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What’s Hot: Grey

This year we’ve seen many of our kitchen and bath remodeling projects use the color grey. Whether it is used for cabinets, counter tops, wall color, or accent pieces; grey is officially in. Grey goes with almost every other color and gives some personality to a neutral space.  From steel to charcoal, chrome to portobello, and ash to silver, the shades of grey can be used to add elegance and serenity to your space. We have many options in grey in our showroom, including this front window display from KitchenCraft in the Portobello color:

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

We are seeing many of our cabinet makers developing grey lines. Wellborn Forest Cabinetry is creating a “shades of grey” line. Other suppliers, such as Omega, KitchenCraft, and more have grey cabinet colors.

Omega Cabinetry Wall

This photo of the Omega Cabinetry wall was taken with Instragram. Follow our pictures at “classickitchens”.

Grey Counter Top with Slate Backsplash


One of our newest displays shows dark grey quartz counter tops with a slate back splash. Slate is a great option for affordable natural stone. This slate pictured here is Daltile’s SlimLite Slate Panels.





Another great use of grey in the back splash is this display with grey glass subway tile, with grey/blue/white  mosaic tile, and stainless accents on the cabinets. This shows how fabulous grey is with the black and white below, but also the lighter bamboo cabinets above.

Grey Backsplash in Glass Subway Tile

For more grey ideas, come visit the Classic Kitchen & Bath showroom at 1930 Deyerle Avenue in Harrisonburg VA, or visit our website, Pinterest, or Facebook. See you soon!


The New Dream Bathroom

Bathrooms are evolving into the comfortable, beautiful, and functional spaces that they need to be. Remodelers and builders are embracing the luxurious and smart changes to the bathroom business. Here at Classic Kitchen & Bath, our designers are inundated with bathroom makeover requests.

Three major trends our designers are seeing are:

  • Walk in showers
  • Subway tile
  • Glass accents

Walk-In Showers

Classic Kitchen & Bath's Showroom Walk-in Shower
Classic Kitchen & Bath’s Showroom Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are the new must-have for bathrooms. These showers can be practical and luxurious. Our customers are ripping out their tubs to make space for large, beautiful showers with multiple shower heads, benches, and beautiful stone. Typical walk-in showers are larger and easier to clean than traditional tubs. Most walk-ins have benches so you can either sit or stand, making it easier to scrub feet, shave legs, or simply take it easy. For seniors, these walk-in showers are perfect for aging-in-place since many “curbless” varieties are available for easy entrance with a wheelchair or walker.

Subway Tile

Traditional White Subway Tile

Classic Kitchen & Bath uses traditional white subway tile for this showroom bathroom

Simple and elegant, subway tile is a timeless, classic option for bathrooms. Glass and ceramic subway tile is available, but either can be used in bathrooms as they are resistant to mold and mildew. Not only is it resistant to these bathroom terrors, the tiles are easy to clean and fired for permanence, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its color in the sun. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of colors, outside of the typical white or black subway tiles, as seen above. These colors on glass are usually shiny or glossy, which creates a bright, inviting space. As you can see from the pictures below, glass tiles are definitely bright and reflective!

Vertical Glass Subway Tile

Glass Subway Tile






Glass Accents

Glass accents carry the reflective, bright properties of subway tile on a smaller scale. Glass hardware and accessories can add a finished look to a luxurious bathroom, and add even more excitement and drama to a space.

Popular Pins

The most popular pins on Classic Kitchen & Bath’s Pinterest have been of luxurious walk-in showers, which confirm our suspicions that walk-in showers are a new ideal in the bathroom industry. This contempory bathroom we pinned from Houzz, with gorgeous river rock floors and unique tiling:


Kitchen Countertop Materials

The kitchen countertop is the icing on the cake for any kitchen remodel. The countertop can create a bold statement or be a compliment to the style of your entire house. If you’re thinking about remodeling, it is important to think about the materials and what you want from a countertop before making a final decision.  We’ve compiled a list of the most popular materials.

Natural Stone

  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Marble
Granite Verde Marinace Close Up

Granite Verde Marinace Close Up

Granite Verde Marinace Island

Granite Verde Marinace Island









Natural stone is the most sought after material because of its natural beauty, durability, and longevity. It will last forever! These advantages come with a high price tag and need regular care to keep your investment protected. All natural stone surfaces need to be sealed regularly to keep stains and scratches at bay and they are not heat resistant. It is important to pick out your slab before you make a purchase because all natural stone varies in terms of coloration and veining. The natural changes are one of those most beautiful aspects of granite. Here is a dramatic example from our showroom, you can see that the granite looks almost completely different on each side of the sink:

Granite Natural Coloration

TIP: To keep natural stone looking its best, check your surface cleaners for ammonia. Ammonia can seriously damage these materials, causing dullness, pitting, and flaking. Classic Kitchen & Bath suggests using cleaners specifically made for natural stone. Glass cleaners and dishwashing soap are some of the worst offenders, so check the ingredients before scrubbing down!


Cambria Quartz Buckingham Close Up

Quartz is a relatively new material that lies somewhere in between natural stone and solid surfaces. We call it an “engineered stone” since it is man-made from natural quartz materials. These tops have most of the benefits of natural stone all while being easier to maintain. Quartz is scratch and stain resistant without needing to be sealed, but it is not completely heat resistant. If you don’t like the natural color variations in granite, quartz will give you the consistent pattern you need. The price of quartz is comparable to high quality granites and depending on the brand, it could be more expensive.



Laminate is one of those most affordable options for counters. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns with options of finishes and edging. Since it is plastic, this material is more susceptible to cracks, scratches, and heat but it is also stain resistant and easier to clean.  Brands like Wilsonart and Formica offer high definition, glossy laminates which are made to look like natural stones. We have Wilsonart’s Aeon HD Deepstar Bronze in our kitchenette:

Wilsonart Deepstar Bronze HD Laminate


Vetrazzo Green Recycled Glass with Charisma Blue

Granite, quartz, and laminate are the most popular tops but there are many other materials to use. Depending on your style and budget, you may decide to go with a different option. Pictured is Vetrazzo, a brand that uses a recycled glass and cement mixture to provide a beautiful and environmentally friendly option. Other materials include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Surface
  • Wood/Butcher Block
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic Tile

To find out more about kitchen countertops, call one of the designers at the showroom at 540-437-1990 or come visit us at 1930 Deyerle Avenue in Harrisonburg,VA!

Easy and Affordable Kitchen Updates

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At the Classic Kitchen & Bath showroom, we are changing things constantly. We are adding new displays, moving cabinets, painting walls, and more. Classic Kitchen & Bath strives to have the most up to date, popular materials and styles. If you want to change your kitchen style without spending thousands or gutting your entire kitchen, there are some fun and trendy things you can do and we’re here to help! We’ve looked at what we’re doing in our projects and scoured places like HGTV and This Old House to find the best new updates.

Cabinets & Hardware 

Open-shelving is very popular this year. To embrace the trend remove the hardware from your cabinets, starting at the top and going down, to take off those doors. Next, use wood filler to fill in holes left by the screws. Once that is dry, sand and smooth the edges. Pick a paint color for your new open cabinets and finish the project with a coat of paint. Using bright, pastel colors or white will brighten up your space and give it a cottage kitchen look. For less work, take off doors to one or two accent cabinets or buy a few additional open cabinets, like this display from Classic Kitchen & Bath’s front window!

Open Shelving as an Accent

If you’re looking for another radical change you can switch out your cabinets! Classic Kitchen & Bath carries River Run Cabinetry, a very affordable line of birch cabinets with six different finishes. We also carry many other brands and styles, so if you’re interested in  a new set of kitchen cabinets, be sure to stop by the showroom and have a designer show you around. You can also paint or refinish your existing cabinets to achieve a new look.

For a less dramatic change you can simply update your hardware. Go with colored glass knobs to add a pop of color, or mismatch patterned knobs for a funky look. The options are virtually endless for this easy update. Here are a few unique options we have in the showroom:

Assorted Hardware


One of the most popular projects is changing out the backsplash. There are many options for a backsplash. Tiling is the most popular, but there are different materials to use, some of which are easier to do by yourself and more affordable.  Classic Kitchen and Bath carries tile and more, so stop by the showroom to see different styles and materials.  A few backsplash materials include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mirrors
  • Stone
  • Tile (marble, granite, glass, ceramic)
  • Pressed Tin
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper

Each material will do something different for your space. If you are looking to create a certain style or look, make sure to research what materials interest you. Using mirrors as a backsplash creates the appearance of ongoing space to a small kitchen. Using dark colors and accents can add a luxurious and warm feel to the kitchen. Yellows, whites, and oranges are extremely fashionable, and they will brighten up a tired space. One of our favorite materials is river rock, shown here in CK&B’s showroom:

Grey Kitchen with River Rock Back splash

The texture of the river rock and the color of the surrounding cabinets and granite give this kitchen an earthy, serene feel.

Pinterest Inspiration

We’ve seen so many customers being inspired by Pinterest and we’re a little inspired ourselves… check out our Pins! These are our favorite DIY kitchen projects we’ve pinned so far:

We love the Chalkboard Paint ideas from Multiple designers use chalkboard paint as a great accessory for the kitchen and other rooms. Our favorite is the chalkboard fridge. The idea is to paint your entire fridge with chalkboard paint, creating a unique look, and a versatile drawing board for grocery lists, notes, or even doodles!

Chalkboard paint refrigerator from HGTV design by Lauren Liess

Design by Lauren Liess, picture from

A fun way to add more counter space and storage is to repurpose an old dresser or table as an island. The original idea and more is from The Design File Blog. If you have the dresser, all you need is a beautiful counter top. A granite or quartz top will give your project the finished look it needs. We have a version of this in the showroom. We’ve played up this table with a wood top and some interesting hardware. The open bottom is perfect for storage or as a place to display your things.

Repurposed Table

For more information about Classic Kitchen & Bath, visit the website, facebook page, or the showroom located at 1930 Deyerle Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA.

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